Match Betting

You've probably heard of a friend of a friend who knew a hedge trader or contrarian who've struck it rich by betting against the crowds. Mutual fund managers also get rich by hedging their bets to ensure they earn a decent return on their funds under management. But did you know you can use these same tactics in your bets? Learn how match betting can bring the same hedging to your sports betting portfolio.

About Match Betting

Some don't think match betting is worth their time or trouble, but they are wrong. Covering your costs - and winning! - is always worth the time and effort it takes to do match betting. You will need to have multiple accounts with different bookmakers to do match betting properly as the core features of match betting is the need to have a bet that represents the opposite of your play. And remember, if everyone (including you) is betting for team A to beat team B, and you can't find a bet for team B to win, then there is no potential for a match. The betting options are on the table. Take a look at them all. Use the cool features at the site. You can find multiple deposit option at the venue. This would include all the major credit cards and online services. You won't be disappointed by the deals.

Where to Register

To do match betting properly, you will want to register with the major bet exchanges and bookmakers to be sure you can find the odds combination you are after. If you cannot find true matches, similar odds will work just as well. They can help you feel partially hedged on your wager.

Match Betting Right

A proper match bet should at least cover you back to 0, so you will not lose all your money. This also helps prevent lay bets on spreads from rushing into major losses. Still not sure? Think of it this way: Match bets can act as an insurance.

Be Patient

Patience is a virtue when it comes to match betting. It can take some time to match all your bets, especially if you are a frequent better, so develop a system where you hedge all bets over a certain dollar amount. Just try something that will help you manage your returns, stress and your pocketbook.

Some gambling fanatics will throw away their money just for the thrill of the game. With match betting, you are still playing, but you're guaranteed to keep a little bit of your cash. It might sound weird to bring investment strategies into your betting strategies, but remember that wagers are investments, too. By carefully managing your bets, you can better manage your outcome - meaning big bucks are in your future.